Tips on Staying Safe from South Florida’s Summer Sun

Summer 2017 is almost here and we want you to protect yourself from those harmful UV rays

As the summer sun heats up in South Florida, it is a special season for barbecues and beach weekends. We love spending time in the sun, whether it is soaking up the deliciously warm rays on the beach or enjoying a bright afternoon on the front porch. During the summer, our skin absorbs a lot of the UV rays from the sun; these UV’s can dry out your skin and cause premature wrinkles, freckles, rashes, acne breakouts, making you look older, and even an increase the chance of developing skin cancer later in life.

Awareness is increasing all the time with regards to the dangers associated with too much exposure to the sun. Sunburns are not only unsightly; they can also lead to dangerous skin problems such as blisters and in extreme cases, skin cancer. Put quite simply; a sunburn should be avoided at all costs, especially in children. In addition to the sun damaging your skin, there is also chlorine from pools and the humidity. There are a few tips you can follow to protect your skin during the hot summer months.

Minimize your exposure to the sun

The first step in protecting your skin from the sun is to reduce your exposure to the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. If possible, stay out of the sun during peak hours, seek shade or adequate sun protection if you must be out doors during these hours.

Use a solid sunblock

There are many sunscreen products to choose from for adults, children and pets. Personally, my favorite sun production brands is Australian Gold, Miami Beach Suncare and Banana Boat. Local brand Miami Beach Suncare has received a lot of attention. Miami Beach Suncare produces a safe sunscreen for children and adults with an SPF designed for those who are more vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Miami Beach Suncare lotions are all natural and have never been tested on animals. They offer fun products for all your needs including sea, sport, kids and tanning oils. You can check them out at https://miamibeachsun.com

Wear a hat

A hat can help provide protection for your scalp, keeping it from burning. Additionally, if you choose a hat with a wide brim, it can also keep your face, ears, and neck shaded from the sun, helping to minimize the effects of harmful UV rays. Every local should have a go to summer hat or visor ready to go.


Sunglasses can help prevent your eyes from experiencing sun damage. It can also make it easier to see on bright Florida days. Summer shades are always in style and one of favorite locally owned shops is Montce. Montce was founded in 2009 by Alexandra Grief who knows South Florida summers all to well. They offer a wide array of sunglasses “Sunnies” at reasonable prices. Jennifer Lopez has been spotted supporting this local brand while out and about. Visit them online at www.montce.com or their Fort Lauderdale store, 731 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Wear soft and light clothing

Wearing light colored cotton clothing to keep will keep you ventilated. Look for lightweight clothing that will be comfortable in the heat, but that is tightly woven enough that you can’t see through it in the light.

Additionally, there are up to 50 free sun block dispensers installed by Miami Beach to help visitors protect themselves against the sun when visiting the beach. The lotion is SPF 30, so if you are visiting South Florida this summer, don’t forget to make use of one of these sun block dispensers. Protecting yourself from Florida’s hot summer sun can help minimize sun-related skin damage and can also reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. By using the above tips, you should be able to reduce the amount of damage that your skin sustains due to exposure to UV rays from the sun.

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