The Diplomat Beach Resort – This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Hotel

South Florida residents all know where the Diplomat is. Many of us attending weddings, bar mitzvahs and senior proms there long ago. But there has been a new fire brewing within the belly of the Diplomat Beach Resort. This new flavor and spin brings a classic South Florida spot to a whole new 2017 level which you surely do not want to miss.

The Diplomat Beach Resort, opened its doors in 1958 at the time as a motel which was unique since it was the only hotel/motel located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Celebrities of the time which included president Harry Truman, musician Bing Crosby and acclaimed director Woody Allen all stayed at the Diplomat. It was the place to be and be seen in its 60’s and 70’s hay day. After a 40-year run the original Diplomat was demolished in 1998 and reopened in 2002.

Most of our staff recalls visiting the Diplomat for our 2003 & 2004 senior proms right off the heels of its reopening. Fast forward to 2017 when we were honored to attend a secretive unveiling at the hotel. The Diplomat’s stylish social media posts had hinted at a reimagining of the entire hotel, taking it from the days of old tourist spot to a nightly local hot spot.

We arrived at the Diplomat on March 31st to a beautifully decorated lobby/lounge with a sign that read “An iconic Florida Beach Resort, Reborn.” While taking in the magnificent décor, we were met with servers offering a unique ginger based cocktail and the fresh ceviche which got us primed for what was to come.

This massive unveiling introduced the community to all the new and spectacular food, drinks and atmosphere which is now The Diplomat Beach Resort. The hotel boasts 5 new restaurants which are as much for tourists coming and going as it is for locals to stop by and enjoy a mini staycation. One of my favorite new features is the Portico Beer & Wine Garden which offers up a weekly series called #SunsetSessions on Fridays and Saturdays. Portico is a stylish outdoor beer and wine garden that may have you thinking you’ve been transported to a lovely coastal Italian eatery. It’s light Italian fare offers up some tasty bites including our favorite the Smoked Prosciutto Flatbread, this is to die for.

As we tasted our way around the lobby and patio during this unveiling it was reminiscent eating around Epcot during the food and wine fest. At the peak of the flavor sensation is the Diplomat’s signature Prime Steakhouse, an upscale dining experience serving up perfectly cooked steaks of various cuts and right out of the ocean (did they catch this seafood in their oceanfront back yard?) seafood that blasts your taste buds with freshness. Foodies from all around know that a filet mignon especially of the wagyu caliber is the signature of any fine respectable steak house. Well I can only describe our filet with 2 words and that is “Like Butter”, the perfectly cooked steak melts in your mouth and allows you to enjoy the shear glory that it has to offer. Prime will become a staple anniversary/celebration spot.

The Diplomat’s unveiling was complimented by the hottest local group in Miami, Palo who had the party dancing all night alongside the synchronized swimmers. (YES, synchronized) Our delightful evening of music, food, drinks, friends and the hospitable staff at the Diplomat cemented the notion that this historic landmark was starting a new fresh chapter in its long history. A diners paradise ranging from Bristols Burgers to The Hotel Bar, the newly unveiled Diplomat Beach Resort is a special dwelling. Luckily for us South Floridians its conveniently located in our backyard. Be sure to pop in for a visit or enjoy a mini staycation that will melt away the stress.

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