Will the Dolphins Offer Landry a Contract Extension

Dolphin fans are on the edge of their seats waiting on a contract extension for Dolphins explosive wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

Landry was drafted 63 overall in the 2014 draft by Miami and is a key component to the Dolphins’ offense. The 5’11, 206 pound Louisiana native appeared in two Pro Bowls and PFWA’s All -Rookie Team.

Last season Landry lead the Dolphins in receiving yards, racking in 1,136 yard with 94 receptions.

Even though it seems Miami and Landry will come to an agreement regarding his contract, Miami does not have a large amount of time to negotiate. It has been reported that Landry will not negotiate when the season starts. According to NFL.com, Landry just want to focus on the road to the SuperBowl once the 2017 season kicks off.

Despite Landry not having an offer at the moment, he is expected to extend his contract with the Dolphins. However, the biggest question is what price will Miami have to pay.

The expectation is for the former LSU Tiger’s new deal to exceed T.Y. Hilton’s contract. Hilton signed his extension back in 2015 for a five-year $65 million, translating to an average of $13 million a year.

Miami does have the option to franchise tag Landry which will lock him in for another two years. Landry is on record saying he would not mind playing under the franchise tag for the 2018 season. If the 24 year old decides to play under the franchise tag he will play for the Dolphins and collect around $16 million, which is pretty cheap for a fan favorite, wideout with his skill level.

Landry has not missed a game since he was drafted in 2014 and has been utilized not only for receiving but also rushing with a career total of 25 carries for 126 yards.

While fans continue to wait and see what happens between Miami and the Pro Bowler, Landry is more focused on the game of football. NFL.com reported that Landry expressed that he loves the game of football and that someone should not be paid to do something they love, but he does have to provide for his family, but he loves the game so much, the money does not matter to him.

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