Will Dwyane Wade Return To The Miami Heat

Should Dwyane Wade return to Miami? That is a question that is circling around as of late.

Should Dwyane Wade return to Miami? That is a question that is circling around as of late.

There is no doubt; Wade is one of the most beloved players to put on a Miami Heat uniform. After all, he was a staple in all three of Miami’s championships. However is the Heat better without Wade?

During free agency last summer, Wade parted ways from the organization that drafted him number five overall in 2003.  Taking a page out of his former teammate and good friend Lebron James’s book, the Chicago native left Miami to return home. There are still questions and speculations on whether Miami’s front office and Wade had bad blood during Wade’s departure, but both seem to be making it through the breakup okay.

Who would have thought the franchise player who spent 13 years with the Heat and referred to American Airlines Arena as “my house” not to retire in Miami? But with the team now riding on players like Dion Waiters, Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson, the loss of Wade seems to be an easier pill to swallow. Miami did not make it to the playoffs this season, but the future is still pretty bright.

As for Wade, he made his 12th appearance in the NBA postseason with his new team. Chicago coming in as the number eight seed held a 2-0 lead over the number one team in the eastern conference, the Boston Celtics. The Bulls exited the playoffs early once Boston took over the series and wrapped up the series in game 6 with a 23 point lead victory. Of course, both teams were not expected to get past the King and company in the eastern conference finals, but no one knows what the future seasons may bring.

Despite not making it to the playoffs, Miami still has a bright future ahead and if it comes to any type of negations or bargaining on bringing Wade back to Miami, the ball is more in Pat Riley’s court.

Bringing Wade back to Miami does not make sense for the Heat. The Heat is younger while Wade is no longer a spring chicken. Yes Wade and Miami have shared many special moments including Wade’s MVP performance that resulted in his and Miami’s first championship in 2006, but those days are over.In a world where championships did not matter and emotional story endings were ideal, Wade returning for a farewell tour would be nice; however that is not the world of Basketball.

Miami’s top priority now is bringing home another championship, not Dwyane Wade.

Chicago is expected to pay $23.8 million to Wade and it is pretty safe to say Riley has no intent on paying Wade that much. If he did not do it last summer, why would he do it now?

Instead, the Heat’s focus is building on what it has to chase another championship. Since Chris Bosh’s salary will be off the books and will give the cap plenty of wiggle room, Miami can go after many players who can fit the mold that is already in place.

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