The Hurricanes Upset Georgia Tech

A battered and bruised Miami Hurricanes team managed to pull off a nail biting victory against Georgia Tech Saturday improving to 5-0 for the season.

In a common scenario  for the Canes this season, Malik Rosier and company started off pretty slow in the first half but got a burst of energy late in the second half, rallying to take the win 25-24 down to the wire victory.

The victory wasn’t a pretty one for Miami.

After its battle against Florida State, the Canes were clearly still suffering from wounds sustained against the Seminoles. Miami’s defense was beaten up but it pulled together and made a few vital stops against the Yellow Jackets, including Malek Young and Joe Jackson, getting a major stop on fourth and six before entering halftime.

That play seemed to tap into Miami’s vigor.

All parts of Miami was playing with much emotion and heart at the end of the second quarter,  but the hero of this fairytale ending was the 6’4, 220-pound wideout, Darrell Langham.

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After a high snap, Rosier was able to throw a pass to Langham, which turned into a miraculous 42-yard-catch, giving the Canes the momentum entering the locker room at halftime, only trailing by one point 14-13 to Georgia Tech.

Langham later made another phenomenal play.

In desperate need of a first down, with about 42 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Miami’s back was on the ropes facing a fourth and ten.  Langham managed to make another miracle catch, this one was for 28-yards giving the Canes’ a first down on Georgia Tech’s 15-yard line, setting up for the game-winning field goal.

Langham finished with five receptions for 100 yards.

The Hurricanes had the momentum starting the second half; however, it was the first play in the third quarter that left many Miami fans scratching their heads.

Miami tried to surprise Tech with the onside kick, but the Yellow Jackets were not so easily fooled. The ball didn’t travel more than ten yards before Tech’s Lamont Simmons scoops it up and takes it for a 42-yard touchdown increasing Georgia Tech’s lead 21-13.

Refusing to be defeated so easily, the Canes’ rallied to score 12 unanswered points, including the game-winning field goal with only 4 seconds left on the clock, giving Miami the one point lead over Georgia Tech.

Photo by: Mario T Photography

Rosier completed 23 of his 37 passes for 297 yards and one touchdown. Sophomore running back Travis Homer lead in rushing yards with 20 carries for 170 yards and one touchdown.

With this victory, the Canes improved to No.8 in the rankings and is now in the national conversation. There are only eight undefeated teams left in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision. Miami will take on the Syracuse Orange Saturday.

The Syracuse Orange just pulled off a surprising upset against Clemson and is seeking to travel to Hard Rock Stadium to rain on the Hurricanes undefeated parade. However, one thing that the game against Georgia Tech showed, is that the rain gives life to the Miami Hurricanes.

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