Jeff Loria May Sell The Marlins To Jeter and Bush

Loria is trying to get top dollar for the Marlins

The saga continues in the race to purchase the Miami Marlins.

Former Florida Governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush and legendary New York Yankee Derek Jeter are trying to close the deal, but nothing is official.

The twosome decided to join forces to rally up the resources the to purchase the organization, but is still battling Tagg Romney, son of 2012 republican presidential nominee, and his group that consist Hall of fame pitcher Tom Glavine.

It’s been reported that the Bush-Jeter group are the front runners and Bush is confident his group will pull off the deal, but according to the Miami Herald, the bid is still open and Bush has not signed a purchase of agreement nor provided any financial proof for the investment.

The Bush-Jeter group offered $1.3 billion, however the Romney clan offered a little more, but a little less than $1.4 billion, keeping Romney in the race.

Current owner Jeff Loria is asking for $1.6 billion. Loria purchased the Marlins in 2002 for $158.5 million dollars and it has not been a happy love affair between Loria and Marlins fans.

It is safe to say that Marlin’s fans were ecstatic when Loria announced he was selling the team. Marlin’s fans proclaimed Loria as not only the worst MLB team owner, but the worst team owner in all of sports and according to ESPN.com, Loria was voted the most dishonest owner in sports.

How did Loria become so hated by Marlins’ fans?

Miami did win the World Series, Loria’s second year as the owner, but it was downhill from there. Suffering from the second longest playoff drought in baseball., the Marlins missed the playoffs for the 13th year.

To add insult yo injury, Loria refused to fork over the big bucks to players to build competitive team and shipped off many value players. In addition to embarrassing the franchise when the Marlins’ financial records were leaked and proved that Miami was generating revenue and not putting any money towards players salaries.  Not to mention the tax payer scandal that happened to build the new Miami Marlins Park.

When it comes to the new owner, Marlins’ fans may believe either group is better than Miami’s current situation.

A S.O.S. has been issued, and the Marlins’ fan base is waiting for new investors, to rescue them. Whether it is Bush and Jeter or Romney and Galvine , Marlins fans just want the nightmare of the ownership of Loria to end.

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