Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen & Patio at a Good Price

Outdoor grilling is just a part of life for everyone living in South Florida. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own a bbq and furthermore doesn’t grill all year around. As a lifelong Floridian and grill lover, we’ve dreamt about the big outdoor kitchen sitting under a lit pergola while smoking up some ribs and the family lounges outside with a nice fan misting all around. Well usually to achieve this dream it would set you back around $15,000 – $35,000 dollars and most of that is just the outdoor kitchen. We’ve been doing a ton of research and put it together with our top pick and plan to get the outdoor kitchen and atmosphere you’ve been looking for.


So get this done it’ll take a little bit of muscle since you will be saving big time on labor, a designer and big company planning every detail of your outdoor kitchen. There are really only three choices you have to purchase a DIY outdoor kitchen and only one of them really provide an all-out quality product from soup to nuts.

Here are your three choices: Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ Coach, and DIY BBQ. All three are known for their module prefab outdoor kitchen units. To tell you a little about each BBQ Coach has been around since 1998 and uses 18 gauge steel for their units, DIY BBQ has been in business since 2005 and uses galvanized 20ga steel for their units. Lastly, Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens has been in the game since 2011 and uses heavy duty 20 gauge galvanized steel fully welded frames. We’ve spoken to various builders about the benefits of 25, 20 and 18 gauge steel and it seems that 20 gauge galvanized steel is the most widely used for outdoor kitchens.

Each of these companies has pretty large sites with many options, models, singular pieces and prefab choices. It is extremely overwhelming for the average Joe to piece together their dream bbq island without having any questions. With that said its all about customer service and only 1 company shines brightly in that department. We reached out to all three: was ignored completely by one, offered piecemeal instructions by another, pushed to buy a $20 shopping list and then finally Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens treated us like an individual and took the time to really help. Out of all three our top recommendation hands down is Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens, so let’s get right to it!

The Planning

As I mentioned before jumping on a site and trying to put together the perfect outdoor kitchen without any knowledge is a daunting task. We spoke with a sales rep named Jim over at Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens and he took full control of the project after asking a few questions. Not only did Jim help clarify how the project should be approached he took the time to create a 3D rendering of our dream outdoor kitchen. Most of the other guys charge just to get a list of what to buy, but Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens went above and beyond without even asking for a penny, they wanted us to feel comfortable from the start.

The Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens Difference

The cheapest option is not always the best option especially when it leads to even more expenses once you get it home. Big Ridge is straightforward and to the point, they give a basic breakdown between them and their competitors on their site and after reviewing all three companies, we can safely say that their transparency is on point. Visit Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens at https://bigridgeoutdoorkitchens.com or call 423-536-6062.

It is as easy as 1..2..3..

Free Design Service

Easily Assembles In Minutes

Add Your Finish And Enjoy

Set up the atmosphere with Knock on Wood Pergolas

Once you have the perfect outdoor kitchen, then you should add a bit of atmosphere. Knock on Wood Pergolas and Decks, is your local one stop shop for cozy residential to commercial Pergola designs and everything in between. This duo has been recognized by Shell Lumber & Hardware for their dedication and customer satisfaction.  KOW was awarded 2017 “Shell’s Customer Spotlight and Contractor appreciation.” The family-owned business will work with you to design a pergola or deck around your budget and execute with precision. Most recently they were featured on local 10 WPLG’s So Flo Home Project show with the designer, Martin Amado. They took an empty space which was not used and created a beautiful outdoor living area that can be used comfortably year round. You can visit KOW at www.kowpergolas.com or give them a call 786-303-2808.

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