Go Run Project Motivating Locals to Get In Shape

Go Run Project is bringing people together to work out as a community

Friday night in Miami, and once again you’re ordering takeout and streaming your favorite TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. You’re happy the work week is over, but you’ve traded one monotony for another. You keep telling yourself that soon you’ll meet some fun people to hang out with, but here you are . . . alone, watching TV. In the back of your mind, you daydream that some exciting new friends will knock on your door, and invite you to some exciting adventures. It just doesn’t happen on its own.

So how can you turn the page and finally start nurturing some real friendships? For starters, get the F out of the house! Yeah, it sounds simple, but that’s step one. The Great Wall of China was built after someone laid the first stone, then another. A meaningful life can be built the same way.

OK, specifics you want? Step out of your comfort zone and join an organization that believes in community. Join a group that isn’t interested in your money, or your looks, or what your talents are. Get off the couch and force yourself to attend this organization’s meet-ups, no matter how embarrassing it may be the first time. Join a group that welcomes newcomers with open arms–literally!

Miami does have such an organization, and it’s called GoRun Project OCR. No, it’s not just for runners. Yes, they believe in community, and no they don’t want a single penny from you. Anyone can attend any of their meetups, no matter what you look like or how out-of-shape or in-shape you are. They want YOU in their tribe.

What’s the catch? There is none.

GoRun Project OCR won’t try to sell you running shoes or try to get you to buy anything at all. They aren’t trying to promote anything, in the hopes, you’ll spend your money on it: no nutritional supplements, no protein shakes, no one-on-one personal training. Nothing.

The one “catch” is that GoRun Project OCR is a group of friends who just want to spread kindness and community in Miami. All they ask for is that you bring a smile, a positive attitude, and join them in their effort to stay fit and have some fun!

You’re guaranteed to get an “F” at GoRun Project OCR. In fact, you’ll get several “F’s”! These will include:

*Friends – GoRun Project OCR is the friendliest organization in Miami. They take their time in getting to know newcomers and make sure everyone shares hugs at their events.

*Free Everything – Yes, everything is free at GoRun Project OCR. Their initiation fee to join is $0.00. Their monthly membership fee is $0.00. The beers you receive after their Monday and Wednesday evening runs are $0.00. The buffet of Stairs For Breakfast you feast on every Wednesday morning at American Airlines Arena is . . . You guessed it . . . $FREE-99! You even get free t-shirts once a month, just for attending the workouts!

*Fun – GoRun Project OCR workouts are always guaranteed to be fun. Members are constantly looking for ways to spread positivity and good cheer during meet-ups, and they always make sure to include face time and some shenanigans at every workout.

*Flexibility – If you’re just starting your fitness journey, all their workouts are 100% flexible, and anyone of any fitness level will feel like they belong.

*Fierceness – If you’re in great shape already, their workouts are perfectly challenging, making sure you won’t need to “head to the gym” afterward for the “real” workout.

Still wondering how to make friends in Miami? Look for GoRun Project OCR on social media at:

Instagram, Twitter & Meetup: @GoRunProject

Facebook: @GoRunProjectOCR

The next step is yours. Go there. Attend. Don’t ask anymore questions. Stop looking for a reason why it’s “not for you”. Ignore those excuses. Get over that initial embarrassment or shyness and #JustShowUp!

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