Skincare Tips for Your Daily Routine

“Last year of my 20s!” It’s a Facebook status that I’m seeing a lot of these days, as my friends and I are entering the next decade of our lives. It’s a constant reminder that I’m closer to my #dirtythirty, but the worst reality check came about two weeks after hitting 29. It was the day I realized that I had to start a skincare regimen. I’ve never had a routine when it came to taking care of my face. My face is neither oily nor dry. Aside from the occasional pimple, I never had a reason to worry about my face. That is until I noticed that it was getting dry and even a little flaky while applying my makeup one morning.

I started by ordering two products from Sephora, a night cream and a day cream. Sephora usually has offers to send you samples if you spend a certain amount. These were two products that I had previously tried from their samples, and they left my skin feeling smooth by the following morning. I also headed to a local drug store and purchased a Neutrogena face wash. I usually stick within Neutrogena products.  As soon as my products arrived my routine became: face wash, night cream, day cream, repeat. The first few days I applied the creams twice each, and I abstained from makeup so that my pores could breathe. My skin was back to normal in about a week.

As I was going through this new lifestyle change, I did some research that might help others in my shoes.

Tips for keeping your skin hydrated and smooth

Make sure you drink enough water. This may seem like a no brainer, but I myself “forget” to stop and drink enough water some days. Dry skin is a sign of dehydration, and living in South Florida it’s just another reason to drink up.

Find the right face wash for your skin type. It’s important to wash off all of the yuck from your day. You don’t want to carry germs to your bed or trap them under your moisturizers.

Find the right moisturizer for you face. Don’t just go by what the sales lady tells you at the mall. As I mentioned, I’m a fan of samples. A moisturizer sample can easily last 2-3 rounds.

Use creams with Vitamin E. Creams that smell nice are great, but plain vitamin e will get you smoother and hydrated much faster.

Don’t use harsh chemicals or products. I have the Neutrogena Wave cleanser. I mostly use it when I go out and have heavier makeup than my daily amount. This product is great, but it’s a little rough, and can dry out your skin if it’s already on the dry side.

Use a moisturizer with SPF. Not only is repeated exposure to the sun bad for us, but it can dry up your skin and leave you looking older before your time. Apply this in the morning before putting on any makeup.

Don’t forget about your lips. I try to always have some sort of lip balm in my purse, for those days that I don’t feel like using lipstick or when I forget to bring my lipstick with me. I also have lip balm with SPF for beach days.

Dry scalp? Try Nizoral. While your scalp may not be on your face, it’s close enough. I’ve had my share of dandruff issues, and I could never seem to fully get rid of it until I found this product. Head and Shoulders dried my hair to the point where it was brittle and unmanageable. Selsun Blue and T-Gel felt great and managed to keep away the dandruff, but it would just come back when I stopped using the product. The reason for this is that these products all have different ingredients that do different things.

Beard Oil. This one is obviously for the males. Beard oil hydrates the skin underneath the beard as well as the beard itself.

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