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Seaspice: A Mediterranean Diamond In Miami

Seaspice is a breathtaking mediterranean waterfront brasserie and lounge which sits on the Miami River like a hidden gem. This eatery is truly a dining experience that is worth the wait. Already in its short 7 month lifespan it has hosted countless celebrities such as David Beckham, Sofia Vergara, Beyonce, Jazy Z, Gloria and Emilio Estefan as well as world leaders, including most recently Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos.

We had the honor to speak with owner Carlos Miranda and executive chef Alfredo Alvarez about the Seaspice experience. Mr. Miranda worked tirelessly for 2 years transforming a bare warehouse on the river into a magnificent work of art, only serving the highest quality of food. This mediterranean inspired restaurant is complimented by an immense dock capable of anchoring the most luxurious of super yachts in style.

Quality is of utmost importance to Chef Alvarez and Mr. Miranda. One glance at their menu and you know you are in for a treat. Chef Alvarez explains to us that he prefers using cold water fish. As we spoke a shipment of fresh Turbot from the Baltic Sea, caught the day earlier, came in. “Our quality is top notch and the menu has been designed so that our guests can taste the freshness of our ingredients”, comments Chef Alvarez. As you walk into the dining room the oyster bar displays a beautiful assortment of fresh caught seafood on ice. Alvarez and Miranda’s passion for quality is electric and can been seen when you speak to their pizza chef transplanted to Miami from Naples, Italy. You can hear his dedication and passion for serving only the most outstanding authentic pizza. Chef Alvarez says “When you try any of our pizzas you are tasting Italy.”

Seaspice’s head mixologist whipped up one of their signature drinks called a Melonade, which contains fresh watermelon juice. This is summer in a glass and conveniently it is summer year around in Miami. The aroma of the watermelon and basil reaches your nose just as your tastebuds are greeted with the perfect mix of sweetness. While we were enjoying our refreshing cocktail, Chef Alvarez brought out our appetizer, Meli Melo of Tartar which is a work of art.

The Meli Melo of Tartar is a layering of flavors that work together so well. This ballet of Tuna, Salmon, Scallops, Crab, Watercress Pesto and Avocado fries dances on your tongue. This is a good size appetizer which could also be a meal for someone who wants something light. Seaspice put the wow factor in ever dish and like Carlos said “When you come here to eat be prepared to be blown away.”

We were blown away when Chef Alvarez brought out their signature Classic Seaspice Seafood Casserole in “La Chamba”, a hand crafted Colombian clay pot that retains heat and cooks food very quickly. The Chamba was filled with crab, lobster, jumbo shrimp, fish and shellfish in an incredible tomato saffron broth. Spaniard saffron perfumed the restaurant as we enjoyed this seafood feast which had all the guests turning their heads. This is not your grandma’s casserole, it is simple yet sophisticated  with levels of flavor that blew us away.

It is safe to say that Seaspice is a current Miami hot spot that isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. With astounding food, a stunning view, 2-3 week wait for a table and celebrities stopping by on a daily basis is the definition of hot spot! We highly recommend you try Seaspice because there is not an eatery like this in South Florida and very few in the world. We wish continued success for Carlos Miranda, Maryam Miranda and Alfredo Alvarez who are humble & grateful to have you as a guest.

 Address: 422 NW North River Dr, Miami, FL 33128

Phone:(305) 440-4200

Hours: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm

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