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New York Grilled Cheese Co. Melting South Florida

Daily forecast: Rain.  Just another South Florida Summer to ruin your plans.  That’s exactly what happened to my girlfriend and me on our way to the beach.  As we were driving back from the beach we stumbled upon New York Grilled Cheese Co. in Wilton Manors.  The restaurant is right on Wilton Drive so you’ll have to find parking at the rear of the building. We decided to stop for lunch because face it, what’s better on a rainy day than grilled cheese and tomato soup. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

We walked in through the back of NYGCC and were immediately greeted by an employee. This is by no means a formal restaurant. It exudes a very relaxed vibe, with inviting music and a friendly atmosphere. There were families with small children and couples, all casually dressed. We sat ourselves at a high table to take a look at the menu. You can go up to the counter to order yourself but on this occasion a female employee came to our table to take our order. She was outstandingly attentive and very polite.

All the grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu read amazing. The sandwiches are pressed on a waffle iron, which gives them a unique shape and crunch from the toasting. Also, every sandwich comes with a “dipper” of tomato bisque, larger orders are available. The bisque is very tasty but I think it’s mainly because of the garlic and copious amount of heavy cream. It’s tasty but nothing The Soup Nazi would be proud to sell. We decided on, The Soho Sweet Cheeses! which has brie cheese, caramelized onions, crunchy bacon and berry marmalade on a toasted oatmeal wheat bread.  The Manhattan Grilled Mac ‘n Cheese, it comes with Gooey American-Cheddar cheese & homemade mac ‘n cheese stuffed between two slices of toasted country loaf. For a side, we went with waffle fries. The Manhattan was really quite good. The bread was toasted nicely and the cheese was a perfect amount of gooey. It is definitely comfort food at its best. I would highly recommend it.  As for the Soho, personally, I found the flavors to be a bit muddled. Between the caramelized onions and the marmalade, it was a rather sweet sandwich. I don’t think the bacon was present enough with its saltiness to counterpunch the sweetness. The brie, which is a naturally mild cheese, although creamy, was lost on my palate and could have easily been any other cheese. After eating The Soho Sweet Cheeses! I was left wishing I had ordered a more savory grilled cheese to curb my appetite. The fries were a delicious welcome to “wash” down my Soho.

As far as the décor, it is almost like 2 separate restaurants. The back of NYGCC, were we ate was a really quaint place to be. I ventured to the front and was not impressed. It is clearly a repurposed frozen yogurt store that went out of business. The wall where the multiple yogurts are housed and dispensed out of metal casings are still there. It can be so much better if a little effort was taken to redecorate.

Overall, is this the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had? The answer is unfortunately no. I have however had exponentially much worse grilled cheese sandwiches and paid grossly more than what I did at New York Grilled Cheese Co. Is this a place to go with friends to relax, eat, drink a beer and have a good time? Absolutely. I didn’t leave, forever forsaking NYGCC; everyone should give it a try. It’s in a great neighborhood and the people working there seem to take pride in what they’re doing.

You want my suggestion for an amazing grilled cheese sandwich? Track down the Ms. Cheezious Food Truck. Any grilled cheese maker can take a few lessons for these guys.


New York Grilled Cheese Co.

2207 Wilton Dr.

Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Website: http://www.newyorkgrilledcheese.com/


7.5 out of 10
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