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It’s a bird. It’s a plane … Yes, a plane at Romo’s Place!

Miami is known for their Latin flare and even more for their endless amounts of Cuban restaurants. So what sets Romo’s Place Restaurant apart from every other Cuban place in Miami? Well, have you ever seen a Cuban restaurant that has an airplane cockpit that fire grills delicious Cuban food?! I can guarantee the answer is NO.

The airplane cockpit is parked in front of the restaurant. You can smell the Cuban food aromas as you walk towards Romo’s. Here you can see their skirt steak (churrasco) and yes, that is the size you’re served when you order the skirt steak meal.

Here is what I like to call table goals. The skirt steak comes folded otherwise it won’t fit on the plate. You can pick two sides of your choice. In the photo you’ll see slices of Cuban bread as well. These are free, yes free. If you ever walk into a Cuban restaurant and they either don’t serve bread before your meal or charge you for it … WALK OUT! An authentic Cuban place will always give you that little basket of bread as a welcome notion while you gaze around at their menu.


I am not really a Mojitos kind-of-girl, but they told me I had to try theirs. I am so glad I did because it was so delicious! Everything was made in house with natural ingredients. Just take a look at that mint!

Flan made in house, fresh, every single day. Uh, I will take all of them please?! You can’t forget the cafecito on the side!

Romo’s Place Restaurant has had a very non-conventional journey.  Long before Romo’s was ever a restaurant they were known as City Rugs. This was in the era when rugs were the ‘it’ thing. Sadly, that quickly changed and the rug business no longer flourished. The Romo family did not want to lose their business so they converted it into a pizza shop. Here’s a fun fact for all of my non-Hispanic / non-Miami born & raised readers: Cubans, are known to have their own love and style of Pizza. So Romo’s, as Cuban as they are, went with what they loved and began to make their own pies.

To stay true to their roots, Romo’s has kept their pizza menu embedded and unchanged in their now more extensive menu. You cannot beat the price either, the slices are huge and just like any Latin family, when you dine with them you’re never going to leave hungry… You will most likely end up with left overs to take home (like I did).

After six years of being just a pizza place the Romo family decided to expand. Luckily, they had the space for it so they decided to venture into a full blown restaurant and bar where now for four and a half years they have been known as Romo’s Place Restaurant. Authenticity is what they aim for and in my opinion, authenticity is an understatement. All of their workers are Hispanics, Cuban for the most part, and 100% family owned and operated. Romo’s serves the working community for breakfast, lunch and dinner; as there are a lot of warehouse facilities surrounding them and they even are the official designated lunch spot for pilots and airport staff of Opa-locka Airport. Mercy Romo actually hand delivers all of the orders and knows the code to get in and out of the airport. TALK ABOUT VIP SERVICE TO OUR LOCAL AIRPORT STAFF IN OPA-LOCKA!! Romo’s opened up a second location in Hialeah which did extremely well for three years but then the Romo family had to close the second restaurant because of a giant hurdle they had to overcome as a family.

The Romo family has been fighting face to face with cancer for years now. Mercy Romo (mother) was diagnosed and beat it but during her remission got diagnosed again. I could not believe this story after having met Mercy and her family myself. For starters, Mercy looks amazing. Her entire family, starting with her daughter, who usually is the one who greets people in the front, all carry huge smiles on their faces to brighten other peoples days. Mercy’s will to fight and simply live really radiates to those closest to her. You see that same drive in her immediate family who help run the family business. The entire family is one. I know that no family is perfect, but you can see the love and teamwork that they all posses simply in the little details. The most beautiful thing is the love they share that also extends throughout their customers. Whether you’re a local, tourist, regular, or a first timer the way you’re approached and served is as if you were part of their family.

The Romo family left to right: daughter Mercy, mother Mercy, and father Eloy

There are certain places that hold a little bit of magic. The kind of magic that you cannot describe and put into words. It took a while for me to write this blog and it was because I couldn’t find the right words to describe this delicious yet very inspiring restaurant. I truly believe that meeting people is the biggest blessing. This foodie path has given me a bigger blessing than uncovering the best hidden gems in my own backyard. I have met so many inspiring, hard working, and beautiful people. The Romo’s may not know it but they are perfect in every way. Shout out to the Romo family because they bring so much authenticity, deliciousness and love to Cuban cuisine and they have a heart of gold which seeps into their cooking and restaurants environment. There were so many good vibes when I dined at Romo’s. And here’s what I meant by magic … I even found a lucky penny on the booth that I sat on. I left it there for the next person that sat at my table because my luck had already came that day meeting the Romo’s.

Organize your calender’s! Make your way out to Romo’s and support a local business while you eat like a local. Their airplane cockpit is a sight to see, the food is spectacular and a little extra love from real Miami people, is always a good idea.

Romo’s Place Restaurant
Address : 13300, Bay 2, NW 42nd Ave, Opa-locka, FL 33054
Phone : (305) 722-0272

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