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A Fresh ‘Batch’ of Cookies in Fort Lauderdale

Locals can smell and taste a fresh ‘Batch’ of incredible cookies in Fort Lauderdale. Newly opened cookie shop Batch takes the concept of milk and cookies to a whole new level. When South Floridians come in to pick up a couple dozen chocolate chip, vegan key lime or cookies + cream, they may notice a familiar face in the kitchen.

Who would that be?

None other than Miami donut king, Cooking Channel Sugar Showdown Champ, Best Baker in America semi finalist and overall dessert master, Chef Max Santiago. If you have been following us you know how much we admire Chef Max’s talent and have seen him take his sweet knowledge across the globe. But the cookie gods are with South Florida because Chef Mad Max is one of the founders of Batch.

Batch went from idea to opened shop faster than almost anything you have seen. This is due to the passion and determination of their founders. Adam August was living in San Francisco working at a big tech firm and left that job on November 1st, 2018. He was ready to take on a new challenge and having lived in Fort Lauderdale between 2013-2015 decided he wanted to open a unique business that would specialize in cookies and milk.

Tapping in his close friend Nick Hicks, who already operates the gym PER4ORM in Fort Lauderdale the two were ready. Nick and Adam started looking for spots while at the same time contacting Chef Max. The three men became friends/partners and within four months (May – September) permits were pulled, construction began, Chef Max developed classic master level cookies and just like a cookie milk dunk, BATCH opened in September of this year.

Let’s get down to the crumbs!

Batch offers freshly baked cookies every day with classic flavors as well as some new creations whipped up by Max. They are conveniently located in the Hive in Fort Lauderdale and open late Monday – Sunday. What can you order? Cookies, milk and coffee ….. simply perfect. Batch launched with 8 flavors which included chocolate chip, apples & oats, PB & J, Double Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Funfetti, vegan walnut chocolate chip and vegan/gluten free key lime.

These 5oz cookies are huge and taste incredible. Luckily for us Chef Max, Adam & Nick believe in seasonal cookies that take advantage of the freshest ingredients. This allows us to enjoy new creations like Bloody Red Velvet Mummy (Halloween special), Ruby Chocolate Peaches & Cream Cobbler (Grand opening special) or Peanut Butter-Banana Cream Pie. Fort Lauderdale just became a sweeter place to live.

Batch will also offer catering and delivery very soon. We highly recommend you come by and grab 1 or a bakers dozen of these incredible fresh baked, BATCH cookies today.

Address: 917 NE 5th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33304 (954) 533-8200
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/batchcookieco/

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