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3RD and 3RD is Delray’s Hidden Gem

Delray Beach has an amazing restaurant scene, 3rd and 3rd is truly a hidden gem

Tucked far away far from the chaos and bright lights of Atlantic Avenue is a well-known (to locals) restaurant and bar called 3RD and 3RD. 3RD , as it’s called by locals, is located right on the corner of, well, 3rd street and 3rd avenue in the Artists Alley “sub-division” of Pineapple Grove in downtown Delray. Easy to miss, hard to forget!

The story behind this great neighborhood spot is both a happy one as well as tragic. 3RD and 3RD was created by Chef John Paul Kline, a local Chef that was well known in the area not only for his talents in the kitchen, but maybe even more so for his talents out of the kitchen. JP was incredible with people, truly his passion. He made people laugh, smile and feel relaxed. That is what makes 3RD and 3RD such an amazing place. From the start, JP gathered the most unlikely of friends and built a home away from home for all of the people he knows. He created 3RD and 3RD in the vision of his favorite place to hang out.

John Paul Kline passed in his sleep at his Mom and Dad’s apartment Friday January 15th of 2016. His legacy lives on at 3RD and 3RD with the help of a dedicated professional staff and new owner Erik Smith. Erik helped open this restaurant and was a close friend and colleague of Chef JP. With the sudden and tragic passing of JP, came an opportunity. Nobody in town wanted to see 3RD and 3RD change now that its leader was gone, they wanted it to stay the same and be the same place they grew to love. Erik and his partners stepped up and took on the immense responsibility of keeping JP’s vision and dream ALIVE!

Now one year in to the takeover, I am happy to report that 3RD and 3RD has passed that daunting task with flying colors. Everything we came to love at 3RD not only was left unchanged, but it was made bigger and better! The flavors in the kitchen are stronger. The beer and cocktail list is progressing and grand. The staff is dedicated and passionate! There is GREAT and LOCAL live music almost every night! It is really exciting to see a small and local business thriving and doing well, while other establishments have come and gone in this town. 3RD and 3RD owns the Delray local food scene and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!


Veggie Dip

Charred Brussels Caesar

Carne Asada Tacos

Homemade Bread Pudding

Pan Roasted Duck Breast

Swordfish Belly

301 NE 3rd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Visit: https://www.3rdand3rd.com

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