Marilyn Orozco

Life is timeless and life to me is art. I like to paint with the colours of ‘happiness’ and ‘love’. Growing up I did not have much and eating out was actually a luxury. I saw chefs as artists growing up because they would make delicious meals for those who can afford them and bring out everyone’s happiness via smiles. I saw that as ART. Now, as I grew older I realized that you did not only have to be a chef to create masterpieces; you can also just be someone with vast appreciation (for food) and find room at your table, to share with someone / others, how delicious happiness tastes. A simple hot plate of food is something I grew up appreciating but now when I have opportunities to venture out into the foodie world I like to collaborate or have family / friends join me because what fun is it to have all of the good things this world has to offer and no one to share it with? The most beautiful art that I find from chef to eater is how a complete stranger can make your day with just a delicious meal. Passionate chefs, restaurant owners, managers, and workers all make the dining experience of what I like to call #FoodieHeaven. It goes beyond the food or how much you spend; its how you can make new friends, feel at home away from home and eat up someones love from their artwork. So with this ‘about me’, I invite you to pull a chair out from my table and eat with me. Hopefully, one day, its not just virtual and you can actually have a seat at my table.