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Rock N’ Ride Car Show & Concert: Bumper to Bumper Everything’s a Beauty

From bumper to bumper, the cars are a beauty. They’ll roar down the road and the huge tires could howl down the highway. Seats with so much soft leather around you you’ll barely hear the 300 horsepower, 6-liter engine at 80 miles an hour. These classic cars would sneer at speed limits. A first-time car show attendee smiles brighter than any headlights. He smiles as if the sun toppled out of the sky and made a home in his heart. Pushing down his black sunglasses over his brown eyes, he said, “If only she ran on Kool-Aid.”

The Tamarac Sports Complex turned into a field of wheels with righteous rides and up to three hours of live music for the yearly Rock N’ Ride Concert and Car Show. The car show is opened to all classic and custom model vehicles. Classic whip’s and jalopies from such brands as

  • Cadillacs
  • Corvettes
  • Chevys
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mustangs

When Louis Hill isn’t rocking out to Gun ‘N Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, Hill enjoys attending car shows. Hill has only been in FL for two years, but he isn’t a stranger to car shows. Hill said, “We lived up in Maryland and we’ve attended lots of car shows there.”

Hill, who is attending with his wife Gloria, discusses how within minutes they saw lots of Mustangs and haven’t seen so many since moving to FL. The corners of Hill’s mouth lift into a smile when he said, “Mustangs, I’m a Ford-Man.” His pearly teeth smile brings back memories, “My first two cars were Mustang’s, an ’86 GT,” said Hill.

You could feel the ground shake under your feet. The instrumental and opening lyrics swift through the air, “Just a small town girl living in a lonely world,” and the familiar tempo tackles the crowd. A nearby woman in overalls sits in a lawn chair tapping on her thighs as if they were drums. The lead singer on the stage clutches the mic. With his heart rate at the same speed as the drums, the music pumping through his veins, he continues singing, “Just a city boy born and raised in South Detroit.” The Rock ‘N Roll is thumping and vibrates through the crowd. A moving mass of eyes flings open. The crowd sings and cheers like a faulty firework, slow to the start and rising to a weak explosion before petering out loudly, “It goes on and on and on and on.” The family-friendly event will also feature food trucks, bounce houses, and a live music tribute performance for the American 1980s band, Journey.

Since 2008, the band Never Stop Believin’ has been doing venues and traveling across the country as what they call themselves, “The ultimate Journey tribute band.”   The based in South Florida tribute band bring the look and sound of Journey in their prime years, while still keeping it fresh for everyone.


Speaking of fresh, Pompano Beach food truck, Ken’s Weenie Wagon has been serving food at various South FL events and throughout the community since 1985. Covered in tomato basil sauce sprinkled with white parmesan, the food truck is known for its Italian menu, such as Italian sausage and Mom’s Meatballs.

The engine sputters to life, a horrible coughing sound like that of an ill-being. With a loud fart, a cloud of smoke blasts out from the exhaust pipe. The rustic orange grows over the peeling paint and the car sounds as if it were a balloon running out of air. Eyes watering as the smoke rolled over people. Until another car came down the opposite side of the road. The smell of fresh paint and diesel gasoline tickles the inside of nostrils. When he turned the key, the car briefly chortled, then began to purr. The headlights shine just as bright as the blazing sun above, which was beaming off the red hood creating an illusion of peach flames.

Seeing classic muscle and custom cars at the Rock N’ Ride Concert and Car Show is not only free of charge but it’s the main reason why people come out. Out of the hundreds of people, one of those people at the car show being Cadillac and Kool-Aid lover, Louis Ortiz.

When Ortiz isn’t listening to LL Cool J songs such as “Boomin’ System”, Ortiz enjoys seeing the vehicles that remind him of a special vehicle he had. “My dream car was and still is a 1973 Chevy Caprice Convertible. It was my childhood car but I had to eventually sell it when I was younger. It’s one of the best cars I’ve ever had and being here gives me the memories, I really love Cadillacs,” said Ortiz. The laugh was more than just noise coming out of Ortiz’s mouth. His laugh was in his eyes. The giggle came deep from his chest when Ortiz said, “If only they made a Cadillac that could run on Kool-Aid. Everything I love in one.”

The Rock N’ Ride Concert and Car Show event is free, but car show registration is $20 and for more information, you may (954) 597 – 3620 or (954) 675 – 8679.

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