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Miami’s Top 5 Spots to Catch Local Live Music

Many locals consider Miami as the best city to live in. It is the land of sun and surf which has so much to offer to the tourists in terms of live music, sand, drinks and parties. Miami is indeed regarded as traveler’s paradise.

Those who love and appreciate good local music usually spend most of their time in some outlet aptly designed for the purpose. There are a good number of places to enjoy live music during the week in Miami. We created a list of the top 5 spots to catch local live music in Miami.

#1. Ball & Chain

The Ball & Chain has taken the Little Havana music scene to another level with daily small latin ensembles performing for lunch to all out concerts under the pineapple. PALO, is one of Miami’s hottest latin bands who regularly perform at Ball & Chain.

PALO! is a Miami band formed in 2003 by Steve Roitstein after he invited his fellow musicians to join him in an improvised musical experiment combining Cuban music with funk beats. Super talented singer Leslie Cartaya leads their sound with her unique and incredible voice.

If you visit Ball & Chain, you will feel like you’re in Cuba, surrounded by live music, great food and dancers! The mojitos are exceedingly excellent and the customer service can never be overemphasized in terms of greatness. The kind of fun obtainable in Ball & Chain will make anyone add it to their “Miami must do” list.

#2. Books & Books Coral Gables

For those who are bookish and love to read, this is quaint spot is just what you’re looking for. It doesn’t of course end at the book shelf, lovers of good live music can also whet their passionate appetite at Books & Books.

It’s a lovely place with an amazing courtyard where you can have a delicious salad, soup or coffee. Most weeks they will host local jazz artists from the University of Miami or latin combos adding their flavor to the night. It’s a great place for couples to have quality time together while taking in an earful of fantastic music.

What differentiates Books & Books from your standard reading hole is the charming atmosphere, tasty bites and wide selection of books in an open air layout. Books & Books is a great way to end hectic week with your loved ones, alone or surrounded by friends.

#3. Back Room Live at The Fish House

The Back Room I’d say is a hidden local live music gem located at 10000 SW 56th St, Ste 41, within the legendary Fish House. They open every day at 11:30am and on Sundays they close by 9pm. Happy hour during weekdays is from 3pm to 6pm which is always a great time to go.

The Fish House has been serving up fresh seafood in Miami since 1995 and may we suggest their lobster bisque and conch fritters. With daily specials like oyster Tuesday and a blues jam on Thursday there is always something to do at the Fish House.

With the Wallflower gallery, Tobacco Road and the Van Dyke closes in the last few years, good live music venues have been hard to come by. The Fish House doesn’t just offer a stage, amps and the ability to listen to locals rock their craft, they are continuing a legacy of community. Our community is stronger because of local spots like the Fish House.

#4. Macondo Coffee Roasters

This spot is full of life at night due to talented local musicians but also offers the perfect amount of silence when you need to study or focus on work. Not only that, the staff at Macondo are warm and kind, they’ll greet you as if they were your friends from long ago. The Colombian coffee they offer is roasted right inside and the coffee house bites are some of the best we have had. Miami is a melting pot of cultures and one smell of Macondo’s rich Colombian roasted coffee splashed with some steamed milk will have you relaxing in paradise.

People from all walks of life who are fond of good music gather at Macondo to the mix of genres from cumbia to vallenato. This sought-after coffee shop screams unique style which you will not find in those generic chain coffee shops. I walked in and to the delight of my ears heard some amazing classic Spanish guitar composing the music of the night. Their staff greeted us with a smile, our lattes were embellished with a floral steamed milk design and the pastries hit the spot.

#5. Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company

If you are looking for a place to unwind, have fun, and drink great beer much as enjoy live music, then Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company is the place to go! Located in the Bird Road District area. This is a large space convenient for spending a few hours enjoying with friends has a wide selection of beer including their own which is brewed on premises.

There is such a good vibe at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company from the moment you step into the place. This “small” brewpub reminds me of a modern twist on old English pubs. It truly allows you the time to have great conversation while enjoying even greater craft beer and taking in some fine live music.

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