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Lebo, Miami’s Unique Postmodern Cartoon Artist

I have known about David Le Batard aka “Lebo” since the late 90’s and really got into his work while attending Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School, in Hollywood where Lebo also attended. Lebo is one of Miami’s most recognized artists and the innovator of Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism which is a combination of cartoon imagery, richly saturated balances of color and a unique linear comp­­­­­osition.

For me Lebo’s art screams Miami culture, style and feel. South Florida is a melting pot that is full of life and when checking out Lebo’s art it seems to just jump off the canvas or wall and create a world of its own. Back in 2008, the Langerado music festival commissioned Lebo to create multiple pieces that truly set the mood of the entire music festival. Lebo already had a history with Langerado after creating various works for 2006 and 2007 festivals. His creations are firmly burned into my memory which always brings me back to that incredible weekend filled with friends, music and good times.

Lebo’s music pieces are some of my personal favorites, with his unique use of colors, shapes and real musician movements. Mambo-Monkey-Mayhem, is one piece that sticks out of my mind which offers a warm fun feeling. This artwork showcases a dark-haired gentleman playing a guitar positioned up high, accompanied by two monkeys one on sax and the other rocking the maracas. Every time you look at this piece and most of Lebo’s work you cannot help but smile. It’s this ability to pull out our inner child which attracts so many to his work.

The city of Miami Beach recognized Lebo’s love for the city and the communities desire for more soulful art and let Lebo to create his own “Welcome to Miami Beach” sign on the side of the abandoned Roosevelt Theater, which sits on the Biscayne Channel. This soon to be historic piece was completed in early October 2016 and Lebo gave admirers a front seat to the entire process by posting the daily progress on his social media.

“Growing up in Miami Beach helped form both me and my art. This tropical paradise on the edge of America, where the whole world comes to relax, play and get away, is also the place I’m fortunate to call home. Being chosen to create a mural to welcome visitors and locals alike was truly an honor as well as a labor of love. The message of this mural is meant to welcome all to our sunny side of the world.”

You can learn more about Lebo by visiting www.leboart.com. If you would like to dive further down the rabbit hole for your Lebo fix, he offers a new shop on his site. This shop offers pieces of art printed on paper, wood, glass and metal as well as a full line of custom apparel.

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