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Kevin “Kay” Ceron: Changing the Local Latin Music Landscape

South Florida’s music scene has evolved significantly since the days when 2 Live Crew, Trick Daddy, Flo Rida, and Trina were practically the only musical talents representing South Florida on a national level of success. Later generations would see the likes of artists such as Rick Ross or Denzel Curry. However, rappers of Hispanic decent, such as Pitbull, have inspired and broken the mold in the Latin hip-hop landscape. While musical artists such as DJ Laz or Daddy Yankee represent with proud Hispanic heritage, Kevin Ceron is changing the definition of what it means to be a local Latin artist.

Inspired by Colombian singer, J Balvin, Kevin “Kay” Ceron is a local Latin artist forging new ground in music. Ceron has only been doing music for three years. On the other hand, Ceron has obtained a loyal following in the Sunshine State with such songs as “9000” and “Diosa”. Ceron didn’t plan on getting into the music business. But Ceron believes expressing himself through music not only gave him a voice but saved his future.

Ceron was in jail at the time when he heard Drake’s “One Dance” playing on the radio. Inspired by the works of Nicky Jam, Ceron looked for a remix to the song and began writing. When Ceron was released, he shared his lyrics with friends and Ceron found his forward-moving momentum through music.

“You don’t see in the English industry a lot of successful Latin artists that speak English too and if you do they are making a fool out of themselves,” said Ceron. “I want to be genuine and you see a lot of Puerto Ricans. But Colombians we got it too.”

Kevin “Kay” Ceron

Influenced by American trap music, Latin Trap has been making itself known on global charts, even grabbing the attention of some of hip-hop’s most popular names.

Latin Trap, also known as Spanish Trap or Latin urban, is no longer a hidden gem. Within the past few years, the genre has grown to globalization popularity, inspired by Puerto Rico’s Reggaeton, American trap, and even Southern hip-hop. Latin trap and urban is a mix of rapping and singing in Spanish, over similar beats one would hear used by American trap artists, such as Migos and 2 Chainz. Although the language is different, the core content and heart are just the same throughout the artist.

Ceron has reached more than just South Florida listeners in his short time doing music. Ceron has reached listeners from China, Japan, Germany, France, and Spain. Ceron records his songs at Fine Line Recording Studios in Miami and Ceron has improved from his first song.

“My first song hasn’t seen the light of day because it was so corny,” said Ceron. “I remember the hook being

Mami, vamos a bailar a Colombia, (Mommy let’s go dance in Colombia)

Vamos a nadar a Miami (Let’s go take a swim in Miami)

 Y nos besaremos en Francia. (And we’ll kiss in France.)

Ceron learned from criticism and his so-called corny lyrics. Now he has grown into the Latin titan we see today with such songs and music videos as “Fugazi” and “A la Misma Vez (at the same time)”. Ceron’s recent releases can be found on Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify. Across the board Ceron’s growing numbers are phenomenal.

Ceron’s music video for “9000” has over 77, 750 views and over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Ceron also has a certain cameo that catches viewer’s eyes, “To this day people say that’s your dad in your music video,” said Ceron.

For the “9000” music video, Ceron had three bikini models surround his dad. They laughed, roll on a cushioned couch, and drink together. Ceron mentioned how working on a budget made him creative and that’s how Ceron’s dad ended up in the video.

“My parents have seen me climb they’ve seen me fall and they support me,” said Ceron. “Nimi Hendrix directed that video and he’s amazing. My dad’s biggest issue was please don’t tell mom about the girls. But mom saw the music video anyway.”

Ceron’s music videos consist of the usual script, storyboarding, and recording. On the other hand, Ceron networks with a close group of friends. At the time, Ceron lost his job and he couldn’t pay for any materials or a professional film crew.

“We once shot a music video with zero dollars,” said Ceron.

Ceron had creative ideas and passion that would keep his network connected. Ceron used items he had around the house. He covered up the house to make it look like a scene from ‘Dexter’, and he drove out to the Everglades at three o’clock in the morning to shoot scenes.

“Everyone was wondering how did we get this location, why did I do my own stunts, and the video is coming out this year,” said Ceron.

In the far distance, the silhouette of the skyline pierced through the warm glow like a jagged mountain ridge. All the city lights caused the dense mass of skyscrapers to glitter. The city is a living machine spread over once green land like a microchip grossly enlarged.

Ceron has traveled to cities such as New York to make music videos. Ceron has described himself as a traveler and as someone who wants to see cities and other parts of the world. Ceron plans on taking his music and doing videos in such places as Colombia and even going to Japan.

Kevin “Kay” Ceron has taken his music career nationwide and he reps South Florida, Colombia, and Latin Music wherever he goes.

Kevin Ceron said, “I make music with a lit vibe but also music that people can connect to. When I get messages from kids or someone from out of the state or country telling me their inspired, motivated, or it got emotions, that’s what I like about being a musician, identifying emotionally to them.”

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