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Going Beyond Basel: Modern and Contemporary Art in the Heart of Miami at Red Dot | Spectrum

Art galleries display the creative souls at work being the emotional translator of paintings old and new, telling those their stories of sorrow and joy.  All kinds of communication and freedom were placed upon the white-washed walls.  The sort of communication that could take volumes of the written word to convey, and even then, it wouldn’t be nearly so well. It’s not about the money within those frames, it’s about the emotions and passion in picture and artistic form.

The Wynwood area in Miami is usually thought of for its street art the bleeds from the canister, often times the SOS of emotions to vivid for words. But during Miami ‘Art Week’, the nation’s leader in exhibitions and event production for the global fine art community announced the return of ‘Red Dot’ Miami returning to Mana Wynwood.

Now in its 14th year, ‘Red Dot’ was located adjacent ‘Spectrum Miami’ and inside Mana Wynwood Convention Center for its second year, as part of the annual presentation of two shows being under one roof.

Attendees from all over the world visit for art labs, art talks, and selected spotlight galleries, and more. Visitors take place in a beautiful gallery-style venue in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood District, Red Dot Miami 2019 aims to play a key role in the rich array of Miami ‘Art Week’ and ‘Art Basel’ events with a dynamic agenda.

Art is more than just a hobby, a skill, or a practice. For a lot of these artists, it’s a way of life. Each gallery is filled with one-of-a-kind canvases, photographs, and sculptures, created by artists who represent different outlooks but find a common passion in what art and the art community does for them.

Some of the genres of art include:

  • Visual Arts
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Exhibition
  • Design
  • Gala
  • International
  • Drawing
  • Digital
  • Printing

Discover Red Dot | Spectrum

Red Dot – Since its inception in 2006, ‘Red Dot’ Miami has enriched the city’s arts scene. ‘Red Dot’ Miami has become one of the leading satellite shows during Miami ‘Art Week’. Red Dot’ goes beyond the traditional Miami ‘Art Basel’ and strengthens Miami’s art scene with a provocative agenda that includes modern and contemporary art from over 500 artists and over 75 galleries. ‘Red Dot’ also offers spotlight galleries, labs, and the event attracts thousands of visitors within its five days of entertainment, events, and cutting-edge artwork.

[PASSION] is the curatorial theme for 2019. The type of passion from creative works that inspire amazement and wonder, or to a certain series that may lead too new trends of imagination through daring creative style, ‘Red Dot’ shows some of the best local contemporary art.

Spectrum – ‘Spectrum’ is back in the Wynwood area for the first time since 2015. The fine art experience featured an international slate of artists, music, sessions with the artists, and other special events.

Both ‘Red Dot’ and ‘Spectrum’ are the longest-running independent art fairs during ‘Miami Art Week’.

When Alexa Mila isn’t dancing to her favorite Hip-Hop and Eminem songs, Mila is a fan of art. Mila, who is originally from Moscow, Russia, has been in Miami for two years and Mila thinks ‘Red Dot’ and ‘Spectrum’ benefit the community.

“In Russia, we have a lot of art and amazing museums,” said Mila. “I’ve lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg and seen lots of art. But these art objects are getting a lot of attention from me and other people. Everyone loves everything here because it’s different and special.”

Their creativity brings dreams to life; inspiring, enchanting and the opportunity to learn from their lenses. Artists are the kites of thinking, philosophers, and dreamers. Yet they are our natural anchors to all things that make living wonderful.

Originally from Venezuela representing artist Ramon Brito and the Garabato ARTe exhibit is Gabriel D.

Most people know they’re supposed to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but for Garabato ARTe, this has another meaning. This art exhibit is taking trash and making it treasure.

“We did all the exhibit with all recycled materials,” said Gabriel D.

Starting the project in India, Garabato ARTe uses its art to make a political statement such as how trash harms wildlife. Gabriel D. is also happy that he saw similar artists keep the environment in mind when crafting artistic pieces.

“I do want more unity in the Miami art community,” said Gabriel D. “I love being at Spectrum and connecting with so many humble artists and I’ve come across other artist making art out of recycled material and that means the world to me to see us trying to help everything.”

Every painting dominates the wall with every color that could tumble a box of pastels. In the gallery lighting, they were soft no matter how bright the lights became.

Donice Bloodworth Jr. a.k.a DaCre8iveOne is an artist and illustrator based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Bloodworth Jr. is a high school teacher and coach at Pace Academy who is well-known for his viral series, ‘Naturally’. A series of illustrations that have gained popularity in Atlanta that showcase African-American men and women without faces.

“I’ve been into art my whole life,” said Bloodworth Jr. “I remember I was in first grade, I did a pastel rabbit, and I won a contest and that was in the High Museum in Atlanta.”

Not only are Bloodworth Jr.’s paintings cool to look at, but there is a message behind the artwork.

“My work celebrates people,” said Bloodworth Jr. “I took the face out so people would focus on the beauty of the hair, the skin, in an anonymous way.”

A message of those feeling comfortable within their skin despite the pressure of what society has labeled normal or acceptable.

Bloodworth Jr. said, “The amount of art here is overwhelming and you’d have to spend like a week here to see all of it. People of different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different cultures, all coming here and seeing themselves in the arts is really important.”

Pictures were taken by Nile Fortner

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