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Cycling has taken South Florida by storm

It's a great time to ride a bike in South Florida.

If you haven’t heard of critical mass, ciclovia or magic city bike party you have been indoors way too long. South Florida’s summer like year around temperatures make it the ultimate cycling destination minus all the crazy drivers.

In the past 7-years locals have seen a surge in cycling awareness and the increase of respect towards those large groups of bicycles who move like a school of fish. After several sad and sudden biking deaths across South Florida, it seems that neighbors and lawmakers have come together to encourage cycling while at the same time insuring their safety.

It’s a great time to ride a bike and our community has been increasing the amount bike friendly events. One of the largest monthly cycling events is critical mass, a rush-hour traffic nightmare for local commuters but an incredibly fun night for the large numbers of cyclists who want some fresh air. Critical mass occurs in Miami at the end of every month but now other cities including Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Grove and Lake Worth have been hosting critical mass biking events as well.

The rides are usually sponsored by a bike shop and give locals a scenic route through several neighborhoods. Miami’s critical mass starts around 7pm and is usually a 16-20-mile ride which will go through Overtown, Wynwood, North Bay Village, Miami Beach, Venetian Islands and end up at Omni Park for some nice comradery. Residents and commuters alike must plan ahead since the 3-hour ride will see hundreds of bicyclists taking over all the lanes throughout the duration of the event. If you haven’t taken part in a critical mass, I feel it’s a must do since it’s a delightful old school way to see the community.

While CM is a wonderful event, Ciclovia is probably our favorite family friendly cycling and fitness event. Every local who either lives or visits Miami Beach has dreamed about a day where there is no traffic or congestion and lucky for us Ciclovia makes that dream come true.

This event transforms Washington Avenue from 5th to 16th streets into a magical paved park for people of all ages to cycle, stroll, skateboard, rollerblade and enjoy Miami Beach as they normally could not. Ciclovia screams Miami culture while some may roll down Washington ave, this day time event offers a ton of things to do. Activities include yoga, street side fitness classes, raffles, music, food trucks, dancing, rock climbing and did I mention the vendor cart selling croquetas and Cafecitos. (Yes, I know croquetas are not healthy but who can say no.)

South Florida has always been in love with our beaches and it’s great to see so many activities that encourage us to enjoy the neighborhood.

To learn more about all the cycling events in the area visit www.themiamibikescene.com or check out our event calendar.

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