The Revival of the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Hollywood Beach started its journey in the 1920's and is still booming today

The Hollywood Beach Boardwalk and has been a delightful place which locals should not take for granted. A beach that highlights old Florida charm and new Florida style. The boardwalk has had a facelift in the recent years most notably by the construction and opening of Margaritaville. The Hollywood Beach Boardwalk has always been a go to destination for teens, tourists, spring breakers and older adults to unwind.

Hollywood Beach has been growing since the 1920’s at the helm of the of the innovator Joseph Young, who pictured Hollywood as the “Dream City”. The boardwalk was once home to the Hollywood Beach Casino, a glitzy 1920’s joint that attracted top celebrities of its day. One of the most unique features of the Hollywood Beach boardwalk is the band shell that has been there for years and was currently renovated by the Margaritaville Hotel. To the delight of locals and tourists alike the bandshell survived the renovations and has always been a nice spot to sit and appreciate great live music accompanied by the sounds of the ocean. Hollywood Beach was one of the first spots in Florida to be designated Blue Wave Beaches, a distinction that places them among the nations cleanest, safest and most user-friendly beaches.

There are plenty of enjoyable things to do on the beach from the bike and skate rentals to dining at one of the ocean side eateries on the boardwalk. The renovations have invited even more couples, families, joggers, bicyclists, skaters, roller-bladders and all who love the sun and surf. We cannot discuss the renovations with out mentioning MargaritaVille, who offers comfortable accommodations right on the board walk and has built a radical stationary wave for people to jump on and test their surfing skills. The atmosphere here on Hollywood beach is still one similar to the small beach town it once was. If large resorts are not your thing there are multiple old school Florida beach motels and BnB’s that you can enjoy.

The Renovations will continue

After the completion of Margaritaville this past year, things are unfolding at higher rate, from car rentals to trolley service, easy ocean access and villa-like lodging, bike and skate rentals. Some of the Hollywood’s charm comes from:

  • A surge of new and flavorful restaurants
  • Exclusive boutiques and shops
  • 3 oceanfront parks
  • 3 major oceanfront resorts
  • Superior Small Lodging hotels
  • The Yellow Green Farmer’s Market
  • Free weekly live music series

It is a must see destination for tourists and locals alike. Garfield street courts and dolphin play fountain is a safe haven for kids of all ages to cool off, play and entertain themselves. Parents could go and enjoy seaside meals while their kids are playing in the clean sand. Moms and dads can also surprise the kids with a trip to Castaway Island Water Park located close by inside TY park.

Consider a visit to Hollywood Beach, with its charming boardwalk and tons of fun activities. The Hollywood trolley service provides an alternative way to zip around town more conveniently so park, ride and enjoy all that Hollywood has to offer.

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