Star Wars Family Fun Day

Cuddled into the front of the man is a young child, she is too big to be considered a baby but still very young. Her large eyes behind her blue rimmed glasses match her faded baggy ‘Star Wars Empire Strikes Back’ t-shirt. She steadies her hand to hold a chunky hand-made ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber made of purple foam. Her heart-warming giggle wends its way through the air enveloping staff and even strangers in its tickling embrace. The type of laugh that lights up adults – like an echo of the children they once were. Walking and towering past her is a man in a pitch-black samurai like helmet with an elongated skull-like mask. His black cape sways past his ankles. The little girl’s lips lifted upward, dimples crinkle, and her lips stretched into a smile when she says aloud, “Daddy, can we all take a selfie with Darth Vader?”

Who said you had to go to a galaxy far far away to celebrate Star Wars? Located in Lauderhill, FL, Tate’s Comics is celebrating everything ‘Star Wars’ with ‘Star Wars Family Fun Day at Tate’s’. The family fun day event is from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. and for fans near and for fans in galaxies far far away, you’ll be able to make your own toy lightsaber, participate in Lando’s Xtreme Trivia, meet R2D2, and the tall, grim, general of the dark side, Darth Vader.

Gabriel Velasquez may know a thing or two about the dark side. Velasquez wears his white stormtrooper snapback hat with his black curly spiral hair peeking through and says, “Darth Vader is my favorite character.” The young scraggly peach-fuzz Velasquez continued with, “Hashtag, rebuild the Death Star. I’m drawn in by the dark side and the evil.” Velasquez is joined by his friend Liam Wentworth. The two friends, who are wearing matching Storm Trooper hats, both say how much they desire the villains in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. Wentworth says, “What separates these villains from other movie villains like the ones you see in Marvel movies is Star Wars villains have the force. So may other villains want to simply take over the world. With the force you can take over more than just the world, you can take over everything.”

Being bad and joining the dark side may seem like an amusing time, but if you’re looking for a family fun day or channeling your inner Yoda for peace then ‘Star Wars Family Fun Day at Tate’s’ is loaded with all kinds of ‘Star Wars’ swagger for Jedi’s and Rebels.

‘Star Wars Family Fun Day at Tate’s’ is giving 10 percent off all ‘Star Wars’ merchandise. ‘Tate’s’ will have 10 percent off of everything from comics, shirts, books, art, and collectible ‘Star Wars’ figurines. You can also dress up as one of your favorite characters and play ‘Star War’s X-Wing’ a miniature game in “giant size”. Lando Calrissian, a smooth-talking ‘Star Wars’ character originally played by Billy Dee Williams in 1980s ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and recently Donald Glover in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, will be giving out prizes for the ‘Lando’s Xtreme Trivia’ contest. It is a contest for fans to test their ‘Star Wars’ knowledge and fandom for the opportunity to win some sweet ‘Star Wars’ freebies and prizes.

Vivienne Santiago says, “I bought my kids here because I gave them my love and my love for ‘Star Wars’ and if I had the power of the force I’d restore justice.” When Santiago isn’t wanting the power of intergalactic travel she believes, “This event is great for my kids, and all the kids, and event can bring out the fan in you.”

A little girl in a blue and white R2D2 design princess dress tips on her tippy toes to clutch a cuddly, squeezable, fuzzball, Wookiee plush doll of Chewbacca. A pearl-shaped tear almost rolls down her rose colored cheeks, until her dad swoops her up on his broad shoulders so she can reach the plush Chewbacca doll. She wraps her arms around the soft doll and pulls it close to her chest and snorts adorably when spluttering laughter.

Another father who is in attendance is Bill Ryan. Ryan who has been a fan of ‘Star War’s ever since the original 1977 film says, “I watched it when I was a lot younger, and now that my daughters are into the movies it’s nice for us to see the movies together and we’ve been coming to this event for years.” Ryan, who says he’d choose a blue colored lightsaber because blue is his favorite color, continued by saying, “I started showing my daughters the older movies and we’ve continued to see all the latest movies, ‘The Force Awakens’, ‘The Last Jedi’, and even ‘Solo’.”

‘Star Wars Family Fun Day at Tate’s’ has much to offer ‘Star Wars’ fans and even if you’re not a fan of the sci-fi property, it’s a fun-filled day for the kids and the family. ‘Star Wars’ fans have much to celebrate every year in August at ‘Tate’s Comics’ in Lauderhill, FL, and ‘Star War’s fans will have a lot more to celebrate this December when the new ‘Star Wars’ film ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ hits theaters December 19, 2019.

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