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Boca Ratons Luxurious Movie Theater

iPic Theater is a breathtaking luxury movie theater that allows guests to dine on gourmet food and cocktails while sitting comfortable in the pre-booked plush seats. With a seat starting at only $18 dollars compared to the average $12-14, the new iPic theater in Boca Raton is a treat worth having. We visited the iPic to catch the latest Thor installment and were pleasantly surprised from the get go. The day before we logged on and joined their free membership program. Once logged in you can easily navigate to the movie time of your choice and pick your exact seat which is a wonderful feeling to know exactly where you will be.

Greeted by two hostesses 50 minutes before our movie we were escorted into Tanzy the gourmet restaurant on the ground floor.

Tanzy Restaurant – Cocoon Lounge. Make Reservations

With our delicious mojito in hand we made our way up to our theater and picked up some Thai Coconut Shrimp and Buffalo spring rolls. With our mojitos and food in hand we were walked to our roomy plush seat that had ample space to dine, drink and enjoy each others company.

Today’s regular movie theaters just push people through with no sense of elegance or relaxation to allow guests to enjoy the movie. The iPic Theater for only a few dollars more allow guests the ability to truly enjoy their night out together. It’s no longer go in and get out, but come in and relax. A couple or family can enjoy amazing food, comfortable seats and a great view. We will say if you are going to iPic with a party be sure that its an even number or else a guest will be the third wheel sitting next to a stranger since the seats are in pairs.

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