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5 Epic Movies Shot in Miami

Great movies have been filmed in our hometown

Miami is a multicultural, vivacious city at the heart of some of the best movies that people enjoy worldwide. This is because of its beauty, UV, gorgeous beaches, sexy people and insane nightlife. Great movies have been filmed in its great quality natural UV that makes choosing a movie shot in Miami difficult. Here’s a look at five epic movies shot in Miami.

#1. Scarface (1983)

Scarface is one of the most impressive movies that most people will never forget. It is centered on the rise and fall of a Cuban-American drug lord who came to Miami to straighten up his life. The movie perfectly captures Miami Beach, Fontainebleau, and around south beach. It creates a cautionary tale of Al Pacino as Tony Montana to strike, fear, paranoia, and hatred among local and tourist alike.

#2. Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight is an accessible version of Hou Hsiao-Hsien movie. The movie is about an infamous Oscar winner who was brought down by an accountant after he was distracted by tweeting a picture of Emma stone. Barry Jenkins returned to the magic city of Miami to shoot moonlight whose essence is from the Miami Beach all the way to Jimmy’s Eastside diner.

#3. There’s something about Mary (1998)

The movie is about a high school geek Ted (Ben Stiller) who missed a chance of taking a popular beauty queen Mary (Cameroon Diaz) to the prom due to a freaking accident. Years later Ted is still chasing Mary his high school crush to try and win her heart. This hilarious movie is shot at the Cardozo hotel on south beach, the big pink restaurant and the Brickell Park.

#4. Miami vice (2006)

Miami vice is the most famous TV show directed by different people including Michael Mann. Starring Jamie fox and Colin Farrell venture around Miami wrapped up in a case with south Florida drug lords. The TV show scenes include docking at the Miami Beach marina and boat chases through dodge and Fisher Island, some of its scenes are filmed at mansion nightclub at Washington Ave, in Miami Beach.

#5. Cocaine boys (2006)

In this movie, Miami is transformed from an off the radar beach into an alluring cosmopolitan city as a result of drug cartels and cocaine money. Cocaine cowboy’s director Billy corbel uses documentary, cutting-edge interviews with drug baron to elaborate the drug trafficking business and the evolution of drugs and violent crimes.

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